Upper Verde River Update: A Critical Resource in Danger

Upper Verde River Update: A Critical Resource in Danger

Apr 10 2021 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

The upper Verde River is an economic and ecological powerhouse, but can it survive the threat of the ever-increasing groundwater pumping that is diminishing its baseflow? 

Gary Beverly, president of the Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG), will provide an update on the importance of Arizona’s only surviving river and its questionable future in a colorful Zoom Meeting on Saturday, Apr. 10 from 10am-noon.

Beverly will detail the upper Verde River’s environmental significance and the impacts of human activity that challenge its existence and demand attention if the river is to survive. His presentation will include updates on the river’s status, including recent data on the dramatically diminishing baseflow, and the importance of recreation at Perkinsville Bridge and the newly acquired  Rio Verde Ranch.
Among the river’s many values that Beverly will discuss are its scenic beauty and its preeminence as a wildlife habitat for 78 percent of Arizona’s breeding bird species, 89 percent of bat and carnivore species, 83 percent of native ungulate species, 76 percent of reptiles, and many endangered species. The river also supports over 700 jobs, including a growing wine industry, and is a source of 40 percent of the Phoenix area's surface water supply.
Beverly holds a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of California. He previously taught physical science and alternative energy at Yavapai College and worked as a farmer, contractor and businessman.
CWAG is a local citizens group advocating for a sustainable water future for Prescott and central Yavapai County and for the protection of the upper Verde River. For more information visit CWAG's Facebook page or email info@cwagaz.org .

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