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Water is vital for life. It supplies food, jobs and energy, it keeps our cities operating. Water is the foundation of Arizona’s economy. Without water, there is no Arizona.

We must all do our part to conserve and protect our most precious resource.


There's a variety of classes and workshops available around the state that you can participate in to learn more about outdoor water conservation. Many of these events are free.

Saving water is easy! Everyone can do it. Explore ways to save water at home.

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Desert Landscaping

Up to 70% of the water that you use at home is used outdoors. By planting desert adapted landscape using low-water-use plants instead of grass you could reduce your outdoor water usage significantly.

Watering Schedule

Proper watering will keep your landscape healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

Visit this interactive plant watering guide to learn when and how to water your plants.

When To Water

Visit this interactive lawn watering guide to learn how to get the results you want while using minimal water.

Minimal Water


Many Arizona cities and water providers offer rebates to help you conserve water indoors and outdoors. Rebates can be for high-efficiency fixtures and appliances as well as for converting grass to xeriscape.

Interactive House Map

Find out how much water you use at home and the steps you can take to use less.

Fun Facts for Kids

Kids play an important role in making sure that every drop of water counts. Explore fun ways that you can help save water at home.