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April 6 2017

By proclamation of the Governor in 2008, it is Water Awareness Month in Arizona.

So, what do you suppose that means?

On a personal level, being “water aware” almost universally means learning to conserve water. It is a precious and scarce resource, after all. As citizens of an arid Western state who are approaching our 17th consecutive year of drought, water conservation is an imperative.

flood irrigation
March 31 2017

Keynote speaker Clint Chandler of ADWR assures rural growers and residents that their issues are a top priority for Gov. Ducey: "We ask you to stay tuned."


Irrigated agriculture in Arizona is a $17 billion-per-year industry in transition, according to speakers at a widely acclaimed conference on issues facing Arizona ag earlier this week at the University of Arizona.

It is an industry consumed with the most effective and efficient uses of water, its prime ingredient after tillable soil.

Groundwater Management Act 1980 - Signing
December 1 2016

To the “end user” – the Tempe or Tucson homeowner turning on the tap to fill a kettle for a cup of tea – it is all just water. In composition, color and consistency, it is no different from the liquid pouring forth from taps anywhere else in the U.S.

November 15 2016

Like most communities across Arizona, the Cities of Mesa and Glendale historically considered stormwater to be a nuisance that needed to be quickly eliminated through an expensive pipe and channel system. Today is different. Mesa and Glendale are shifting the stormwater paradigm and recognizing stormwater as a resource that can be used to promote healthy urban communities.

Phx Community Garden
October 27 2016

The list of challenges to living sustainably can be lengthy.

Conserving energy. Protecting precious resources, such as water, in times of scarcity. Buying locally. Thinking globally.

STEM Cirriculum
August 9 2016
It’s back to school time, and some students will be excited to hear their teachers’ plans for them to learn about water this year.
Desert Mountain Club
June 22 2016

As a rule, industries with an economic reliance on a valuable resource tend to be extremely careful in how they use it.

Farmers in Yuma County and elsewhere in Arizona, for example, have become experts in laser leveling fields, crop management and water-conserving irrigation techniques.

June 14 2016

In a 3.2-acre space hemmed in by traffic noise, office buildings and warehouse construction sits a living classroom. The University of Arizona’s Maricopa County Cooperative Extension is a place to learn by doing – plant and nurture desert landscapes, grow vegetables and herbs, or create a rainwater harvesting system.

The Maricopa County Cooperative Extension has been at 40th Street and Broadway Road in Phoenix since the early 1970s. It was built before desert landscaping was popular in the Valley, yet its grassy landscape already included seven desert-adapted trees.

June 7 2016

The City of Phoenix began municipal water utility operations in 1907.

June 1 2016

Arizona’s legacy of carefully managing its water supplies over the years isn’t so much about preparing for drought. Not precisely.

More than anything, it has been about Arizonans taking control of their own destiny.