Aqua STEM: School Water Audit Academy in Flagstaff

Aqua STEM: School Water Audit Academy in Flagstaff

Jul 12 2018 - 8:30am to Jul 13 2018 - 3:30pm

This unit features several hands-on activities to help you guide students to a deeper level of learning. During a School Water Audit you will teach your student’s how to audit the flow rate of water faucets, install high-efficiency aerators on water fixtures and, ultimately, make recommendations to save water within your school community – and possibly beyond!

Advance your student’s learning by using Systems Thinking throughout the unit. Show them how to make distinctions and how to understand the way systems work together. Help broaden their horizons by encouraging them to see different relationships and take different perspectives. Give them the tools they need to think through their own ideas and apply their learning to new situations.

You will receive all unit materials from a teacher-tested STEM unit that is correlated to current state science standards. Plus, you’ll receive additional class support from our Community Coordinator

STEM Unit Objectives:
• Distinguish between water saving technology and water saving behavior.
• Follow procedures to collect data.
• Analyze data and draw conclusions.
• Make recommendations for ways to use water more efficiently.
• Apply the engineering design process to improve water saving technology

Ponderosa High School: 2384 N Steves Blvd. Flagstaff, AZ 86004