Geology Talks: History and Geology of the Vulture Mine

Geology Talks: History and Geology of the Vulture Mine

Jan 9 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Bill Feyerabend will present the history and geology of the Vulture Mine.  The Vulture Mine outside Wickenburg was one the of the important economic drivers in early Arizona history. Grand Avenue cuts diagonally across the Phoenix street grid because it made a beeline between the early farmers along the Salt River and their important market with the Vulture miners. The discovery of the mine by Henry Wickenburg in 1863 was an accident of geology and the waxing and waning of production thru the decades. Learn the geologic controls to this historically important mine. Geology Talks is hosted by the Central Arizona Geology Club and presented with funding from the Friends of the Prescott Public Library. This event includes an opportunity to "show and tell" and ask questions of Geology Club members.


Prescott Public Library - Founders Suite A & B: 215 E Goodwin St,Prescott,AZ,86303

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