Working with Beaver to Rehydrate our Rivers

Working with Beaver to Rehydrate our Rivers

Apr 12 2024 - 5:30pm

The North American Beaver is a remarkable ecosystem engineer that impacts the rest of the biota by slowing and spreading water, creating wetland habitat and extending the time and space water is available on the landscape. Historically, beaver were extirpated from many areas in the western United States as they were trapped for their pelts and furs that were very valuable at the time. Many people and places in the west have started to see the beneficial impact beavers have on our riverscapes.

The San Pedro River is just one place where beaver had been extirpated and have since been reintroduced. While Beaver ecology will be covered generally a focus will be placed on the San Pedro River population. Our speakers, Catlow Shipek & Mike Foster both have first hand knowledge and experience monitoring beaver along the San Pedro. Come learn more about how working with beaver can rehydrate our rivers!


Bisbee Science Lab