City of Glendale

From time to time, Arizona Water Facts gives space for water providers in the State to highlight their innovations in their water conservation efforts. The City of Glendale Water Services Department now is offering water efficiency assessments free of charge.

Glendale Garden

The Sonoran Desert is one of the most ecologically diverse deserts in the world with more than 2,000 native plant species and hundreds of wildlife species. Special adaptations have allowed plants and animals to survive and thrive in this desert climate for thousands of years.


The Power of Trees

Choose from hundreds of low water-use trees for your landscape; then plant, prune and maintain properly.

Visit a Garden for Inspiration

Tour a xeriscape demonstration garden to see creative designs and mature plants to inspire your landscape makeover.

A Flood of Low Water Use Plants

Low water-use plants have unique features that help them survive and thrive in our arid state. Discover the best plants for your yard.

DIY Landscape

Do-It-Yourself types can get the information they need to plan, install and care for a xeriscape...and reduce their water bill!

Does Your Grass Have Class?

Can't let go of the lawn? Use these resources to help maintain a healthy, attractive lawn without water waste.