Water Efficiency Makes Business $ense

City of Glendale

From time to time, Arizona Water Facts gives space for water providers in the State to highlight their innovations in their water conservation efforts. The City of Glendale Water Services Department now is offering water efficiency assessments free of charge.

The City of Glendale Water Services Department offers water efficiency assessments for any commercial water customer free of charge through the Glendale Water Efficiency Program (GWEP). The program has indoor and outdoor components that can be used separately or together depending on customers’ needs. Since GWEP’s inception, Glendale water efficiency experts have helped local businesses and non-profits identify 6.3 million gallons of potential water savings through repairs and upgrades. Notably, this means we have spent a lot of time flushing and testing several toilets, urinals, and faucets!

Recently, staff have been conducting water efficiency assessments of large commercial customers including Honeywell Aerospace Glendale and the Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa. Glendale wants to help all of our commercial customers, large and small, save water and money. We understand that “time is money” for any business operation. Not every customer has time to schedule a water efficiency assessment. Let us help you start with some easy tips! Focus on the following areas of interest from highest to lowest priority, to identify water-saving solutions that work here in Arizona.

  • Landscape water use – Up to 50% or more of a business’ water use can occur outdoors. Make sure outdoor water use matches your actual landscape’s watering needs. Follow a landscape water budget. Routinely check your irrigation system for leaks.
  • Cooling water use – Up to 20-50% of a business’ indoor water use can occur at cooling towers. Cooling towers are mechanical systems that help remove excess heat inside buildings. Businesses with cooling towers should have them periodically maintained and annually cleaned to avoid overflow issues or leaks. Hiring a cooling tower professional that is experienced in water treatment is key to ensuring these systems run as water-efficient as possible.
  • Indoor plumbing – Ultra-high-efficiency toilets or water-less urinals aren’t always the solution for saving water indoors. More importantly, make sure that toilet, urinal, and faucet fixtures are operating according to the manufacturer’s standards. The diaphragms in toilets and the O-rings in faucets wear out quickly with hard water. 

The city of Glendale represents one of ten member cities in the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA), that collaborates with each other to develop commercial programs that save water. While our individual water service areas fall within our city limits, we understand that local businesses and large corporate chains span across the valley. Let’s be proactive and work together to protect our shared water resources. Most AMWUA member cities can provide free landscape water budgets and free consultations. We encourage you to reach out to your local water conservation office to see what services are available to you.