Water Conservation Has Gone Virtual


Phoenix Water launched a digital education page to make learning from home convenient for everyone. The Water Education from the Cloud page, launched this summer, offers water conservation resources for all ages including activity books, games, learning videos for kids and adults, and lesson plans for the educators to use at home.

As educators across the country have dramatically shifted to online learning, creating a space for water conservation was necessary. The new webpage provides fun entertainment for the whole family. Phoenix Water continues to add new content to the page throughout the year.

The education page offers free educational resources for teachers and parents who have now become teachers at home. The resources are designed to support the existing curriculum and to help teachers reach learning objectives standards. These innovative and interactive water STEM activities include “What is the Water Cycle,” for kindergarten to second grade, and “Surface Water: Dam It Up,” for middle school to high school students.

Other resources available for kids are fun videos featuring Phoenix Water’ mascots, Wayne Drop and Loo Poo. Wayne Drop shares “Where Water Comes from,” and Loo Poo takes you on a deep dive to find out “What We Do with Your Poo!” The Water Education from the Cloud page also offers learning materials for adults. Downloadable guides for maintaining landscaping including watering trees and cultivating green grass are available. Video 

series on rainwater collection and how to select lower water use, food-bearing trees are also featured. Residents can calculate their water usage using the online calculator to estimate optimal water use in their home.

This education page supports online learning while still promoting water conservation. Water conservation is a vital component of sustaining our community in the desert. There's something for everyone including information on how to fix leaks and landscape resources. Visit the new webpage at Phoenix.gov/watercloud