Does Your Water Use Add Up?



Ever wonder how your water use adds up? Use the new Gilbert water calculator to see how much water your household needs. Compare the calculator’s results with your actual use to see if you have room for savings.

Water Calculator

Remember, water needs will vary depending on the size and type of the landscape, water use habits, and how many people live in the home. In addition, the calculator can be used even if you aren't located within the Gilbert area. So, instead of trying to compare water use with your neighbor, find out how much water your household needs, plus ways to save.

If you find that your water use and utility bill is too high, schedule a water checkup and Gilbert Water Conservation will diagnose the problem. Common ailments include overwatering of the landscape and sneaky leaks. 

Book a free water checkup and a trained Water Conservation Specialist will come to your house, assess your irrigation system, check for leaks, and develop a customized prescription for saving water inside and outside the home.

A common symptom of an overwatered landscape may include yellow leaves on plants (usually diagnosed as an iron deficiency from constantly soaked soil). Other symptoms of overwatering include mushrooms in the lawn and algae growing on top of soil.

Many people underestimate the amount of water a leaking toilet can waste. Other sneaky leaks include malfunctioning pool autofill valves and “stuck on” irrigation valves. You may be able to self-diagnose your water problem by using this step-by-step guide and learning how to read your water meter.

Side effects of a water checkup include increased landscape health, potentially lower utility bills, and neighbor envy.

If you are sick of wasting water, schedule a water checkup today. You won’t feel a thing.

In Gilbert, water conservation is a top priority. Water saved through this program helps Gilbert reach its conservation goals and prepares us for the future.



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