Water Efficiently & Effectively


Did you know that in Arizona up to 70% of water is used outside the home? Considering this substantial water use, it’s no surprise that more landscape plants in Arizona die from overwatering than underwatering.


By conserving water outdoors not only will you save water and money, but you’ll have a vibrant, healthy landscape as well. And since April is Water Awareness Month, we figured it’s a great time to provide some tips and tricks for watering your desert landscape efficiently and effectively.


1)    Water-Use It Wisely - Landscape Watering by the Numbers:

This guide shows how to calculate the amount of water plants and lawns need, how much water an irrigation system provides, and how to develop a seasonal watering schedule.


2)    How Often and How Long to Water - Determining a Plant's Water Needs:

This reference sheet explains how to determine the amount of water a plant might need by looking at its size, type and soil conditions, among other indicators.


3)    Guidelines for Landscape Drip Irrigation Systems:

These guidelines provide detailed information on drip irrigation design, including materials, installation, maintenance, operation and repair, as well as a simplified look at creating landscape watering schedules.


4)    AMWUA - Desert Lawn Care Guide

This guide offers concise and useful advice for maintaining a healthy and water-efficient lawn in the Arizona desert.


5)    ADWR - Conservation Technologies Webpage

This webpage provides information on current and new irrigation and other water related technologies that can reduce water use and associated costs.


6)    Arizona Water Facts - Tips & Resources Webpage:

This webpage houses ideas, tips, and resources to help you conserve water inside and outside your home.


By utilizing these invaluable resources, you'll become an irrigation expert in no time! Best of all, you’ll help conserve our most precious resource for current and future generations.