City of Glendale

From time to time, Arizona Water Facts gives space for water providers in the State to highlight their innovations in their water conservation efforts. The City of Glendale Water Services Department now is offering water efficiency assessments free of charge.


In 2019, Governor Doug Ducey proclaimed the third week of March as Fix a Leak Week.

Phoenix, Arizona

Office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial and institutional facilities can use a significant amount of water and energy in their daily operations. In most cases, electricity or gas is used to purify and pump water to a facility, in addition to heating water.

Water Saved - Energy Saved

It takes water to make energy; it takes energy to move water. It can take up to 4 times the water you use daily to produce your home's energy. So turn off your lights and save water!

Water-Saving Apps

You can download apps to your mobile devices to help you find leaks, track your water use, manage watering your plants, share water data and more!

Buy WaterSense Labels: Save $$$

Tired of flushing away dollars? Check with your local retailer for appliances with the U.S. EPA WaterSense label and reduce your water use.

Be Cool With Your Pool

The average pool evaporates its entire contents (16,000 gallons) each year! Get tips to efficiently manage your pool and reduce your water-use.

Find the Leak

From toilet dye to meter checks to phone apps, there are many ways to find and fix leaks!