City of Glendale

From time to time, Arizona Water Facts gives space for water providers in the State to highlight their innovations in their water conservation efforts. The City of Glendale Water Services Department now is offering water efficiency assessments free of charge.


Phoenix Water launched a digital education page to make learning from home conve

Avondale and Phoenix City Halls

Active Management Area (AMA) cities routinely build partnerships to make sure they can deliver safe, reliable and affordable water to their residents all day every day. The cities share the cost of building and expanding water and wastewater treatment plants and share underground storage and recharge facilities that replenish aquifers.


As Arizonans, we know how important water is to our communities. That is why we work together to conserve and protect our water resources.


An automated irrigation system waters your yard without you having to think about it – and that’s the problem. If you set your controller and then forget it, this convenient device can cost you money, waste precious drinking water, and weaken your trees and plants. Forgetting an irrigation system most often means a homeowner is overwatering grass, plants, and trees. So


Did you know that in Arizona up to 70% of water is used outside the home? Considering this substantial water use, it’s no surprise that more landscape plants in Arizona die from overwatering than underwatering.



In 2019, Governor Doug Ducey proclaimed the third week of March as Fix a Leak Week.



Ever wonder how your water use adds up? Use the new Gilbert water calculator to see how much water your household needs. Compare the calculator’s results with your actual use to see if you have room for savings.

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By proclamation of the Governor in 2008, it is Water Awareness Month in Arizona.

So, what do you suppose that means?